James O’Connor – Bodhrán Player

James’ Story

James has been playing the Bodhrán for over 16 years and attributes his musical roots to the ‘Wrenboy’ tradition which he was very much a part of growing up in his hometown of West Limerick. The old tradition sees local musicians, dancers and singers of all ages band together every St. Stephens Day to bring joy and laughter to their community.

At a young age James was encouraged to learn, practice and explore all aspects of the Bodhrán and was a keen observer of the traditional style of playing. Having first attended Craiceann in 2011, a unique Bodhrán Summer School in the Aran Islands, he has travelled to Inis Oirr for the festival every year since.
James has competed in many Fleadh Cheoil Competitions at local, regional and national level and in 2017 was crowned the Senior All- Ireland Bodhrán Champion at the age of 19.

James currently enjoys playing his beloved Bodhrán nightly at Celtic Steps The Show in Tralee.

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