Scott Hegarty O’ Meara– Irish Dancer


Scott’s Story

From Killarney in Co. Kerry, Scott was born with Irish dancing in his genes, with both his mom and aunt being Irish dance teachers of the Hegarty Irish Dance Academy. From a very young age, Scott danced competitively, travelling all over the country and internationally to compete and perform at feiseannas, festivals and concerts.

Scott is a born performer and loves to perform whether it be at weddings, concerts, festivals or pub gigs and of course nightly at Celtic Steps The Show, where his talent often takes centre stage.

Scott is 4 times Munster Champion, top 5 in Ireland and was 4th this year in the World Irish Dance Championships . Scott is also a very accomplished traditional set dancer, with many All Ireland medals under his belt.

In his spare time, he plays football for his local club, Dr. Crokes, and he also sings and plays the piano and the bodhrán.

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