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 by Mary O Connor
Wonderful Show
State / County: Kerry
Country: Ireland

Such a wonderful & entertaining show to attend. The musicans & dancers are absolutely world class. We had a night out to remember.
Thank you Celtic Steps

 by Ricardo Rinkel
Amazing Celtic Steps Show
State / County: Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands

Amazing Celtic Steps Show!
It was my first time visiting the show in Eindhoven.
I’m going to Irish jig shows: Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Rhythm of the Dance and now Celtic Steps. The show is a lot of entertaining. Music and dance I love it! I clap with my hands, when I sit on my chair, I tapdance as well. It was great. After the show i’m waiting for the cast members. Took a picture and spoke to the Director of the show. I can’t wait to see the show next year, visiting the Netherlands, specially Eindhoven.

 by Margot Freericks
A Very Entertaining Evening!
State / County: Flevoland
Country: Netherlands

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance yesterday in Almere, Kunstlinie. The total experience was thrilling. I had a soar throat afterwards from singing and shouting out my joy during the performance. It was all so good that I will not give a shout out for a particular performer. They are all great and great together. Thank you

 by Simon Ball
Totally Surprised
State / County: SA
Country: Australia

What an amazing show. So often these type of shows are watered down for tourists however this show's Musicians were tight and talented and underpinned what was a very entertaining presentation of Irish dancing and music. I would highly recommend this show for anyone. It was a highlight of our Back Roads Tour and we left smiling and feeling joyful. Great job guys, you should be rightly proud of yourselves.

 by Jules Stevens
Most entertaining Show I've seen in some time!
State / County: South Australia
Country: Australia

Most entertaining Show I've seen in some time. Great choreography, very polished performances, best dancers and singers. Great with the music instruments too. Highly recommended. From smiling Back Roads tourer.

 by Clodagh
Wonderfully Entertaining, A Must See !
State / County: Kerry
Country: Irealnd

I cannot recommend this show highly enough, a wonderful evening's entertainment with such variety of music and dance and fun too. World class dancers and wonderful musicians in a fabulous venue at the beautiful Killarney racecourse. So engaging and inclusive with plenty of Irish humour thrown in we felt really comfortable clapping or singing along with the performances.
A great night out !

 by Herman Roest
State / County: Zuid Holland
Country: Netherlands

What an amazing show! Irish dance, jigs and reels. It's all there. Wrapped in a warm blanket of the feeling of being in someone's living room and enjoying their family traditions.

I've been to other Irish Shows, but this gives me by far the feeling of Ireland.

 by Rudi Hermann
Die Tänzer, Der Gesang, Die Musik, Einfach Alles War wunderbar.
State / County: München
Country: Deutschland

Ein großartige Veranstaltung, wir waren überwältigt. Die Tänzer, der Gesang, die Musik, einfach alles war wunderbar. Man hat des Gruppe die Freude angesehen, mit der sie diese Performance aufführten.

 by Michael Filnhals
The Highlight Of Our Trip To Ireland!!
State / County: Vienna
Country: Austria

One of the best dancers I've ever seen. I hope you will bring the dancers to continental Europe!!

 by Brink Loots
Wonderful Irish Music And Dance!
State / County: North West
Country: South Africa

The show is exceptional. You get a mix of dance, music and folklore. The rich tradition and pride in Irish history can be felt throughout the show. All our best for the future!!!

 by connie Skeels
The Best Part Of Our Trip To Ireland!
State / County: IL
Country: United States

This show was one of the best parts of our trip to Ireland. So authentic and professional. Everyone in the show was amazing!

 by Karin Niemantsverdriet
Great show
State / County: Spijkenisse
Country: Nederland

Amazing, flabbergasted, beautiful what a joy to watch and listen to.
Thanks for coming to Spijkenisse and sharing your show with us.

 by A. Sanders
Zeer Goede Show!
State / County: Velsen, Noord-Holland
Country: The Netherlands

Sorry Michael Flatley, voor mijn man en mij werd je in de Stadsschouwburg in Velsen uit de boeken boeken gedanst. Zeer goede show!

 by Marina Catalano-Mc Vey
Thrilling, amazing experience
State / County: Lombardia
Country: Italy

Just amazing! The real thing! The real Irish tradition. Powerful, thrilling, professional, humorous. So much energy! Thank you for all this beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

 by John Backewich
Highlight of our Irish vacation
State / County: Ontario
Country: Canada

It was an amazing experience. We loved every minute of it. Would love to see it again.

 by Wayne Kurtz
Absolutely jaw dropping show!
State / County: PA
Country: USA

Absolutely jaw dropping show! We heard about the show at our BNB and figured let’s add this after the Ring of Kerry and we can always sleep when we get back home to the USA :-). A full day but what an ending with this amazing performance. The musical talent and dancing was over the top! This show will leave you with a lasting impression of how amazing the people are in Ireland. It’s a must see during a visit to Kerry. We will definitely be back again to see the performance!!

 by Madeleine Marx
Spectacular talent
State / County: NY
Country: United States

Seeing this show was a special highlight of a tour already full of highlights! Spectacular talent - the dancing, the music, the energy.. this is a wonderful testament of the love the Irish have for their home and heritage. Bravo!!!

 by Kay Macroom
A Magical Night Of Entertainment!
State / County: Cork
Country: Ireland

Thanks for a magical night of entertainment. Such Top Class Music, Energetic Wonderful Dance and Singing, helped flow along by the great Compere David's witty narration.........Don't Miss This Show.

 by joan moriarty
Irish Entertainment At Its Best!
State / County: kerry
Country: ireland

A truly professional show! A wonderful evening watching amazing talent. A snapshot of the best Irish traditional entertainment.

 by Shelagh Conroy
State / County: British Columbia
Country: Canada

This was an optional excursion with our tour group. I am so glad that I went. The talent of the dancers was amazing. The men flew across the stage with such speed, it was amazing. The host, David Rea, told stories and danced and was quite funny. I loved the Irish dancing and hearing the Irish instruments played. I would highly recommend this production to anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy an evening of Irish entertainment. It is well worth the money!!!!!!

 by John Connaughton
Unplanned gem of a Fantastic Evening
State / County: Davie, FL
Country: USA

Whilst returning in the shuttle from our Gap of Dunloe/Killarney Lakes/Ross Castle Day Tour, I saw a sign for “Celtic Steps – The Show”. When we got back to our B&B, I looked it up and asked our hostess, who highly recommended it. She even helped us get tickets at a discount. We were SO GLAD we decided to attend this show. It was absolutely phenomenal!! The music, the dancing, all of it was truly amazing. If you stay even one night in or near Killarney, this needs to be on your itinerary. “Celtic Steps” is an Irish Dance & Music show, which was spectacular & very fun. We went on May 11, 2018.

 by Jean Angove
Amazing evening
State / County: Derbyshire
Country: England

Whilst in Killarney our coach driver said the show was well worth seeing. Lucky to be there in a hot spell and on the first night outdoors. The perfect place for such a top class show. The whole performance was top class and very entertaining. Icing on the cake was seeing the sun go down as they performed.

 by Alexander Raetz
A Brilliant Show With Excellent Dancers!
State / County: Bavaria
Country: Germany

A brilliant show with excellent dancers! Of the many wonderful experiences during my visit to Ireland, this was an outstanding beautiful one.

 by Christine Turner
Wonderful show
State / County: Yorkshire
Country: England

What a wonderful evening’s entertainment from a hugely talented and energetic cast of musicians and dancers. Their passion for traditional Irish music and dance was so clear to see and this was one of the highlights of our trip to Ireland.

 by Devin Jones
State / County: Philadelpha, PA
Country: United States of America

One of the best things I did while in Ireland. I can't wait to hopefully make it back to Killarney some day to see the show again. It is hard to put into words exactly how amazing the show is. It gives you a real feel for the Irish Dance culture along with the music. All the performers are insanely talented. You can't visit Killarney without checking it out!

 by Mary V
Wow, What Energy!
State / County: Brisbane
Country: Australia

The show was spectacular. The dancers were amazing - very skilful and talented. They were able to move their feet so fast and seemed to have heaps of energy. No wonder they are champions in their field. It was highly entertaining and enjoyed by everyone. If you get the chance, you must see this show.

 by Elaine Dominiquev
Attended The Show Twice in Two Months!
State / County: Brussels
Country: Belgium

In June, I brought four friends to the show, and early September, was back again with two others, now the six of them are new fans :-), in addition to me of course. Dancers are fantastic performers of the wonderful Irish set dances. The show is most talentedly moderated by David Rae, who also performs dancing. David, you're amazing!

 by Patti C
Great Entertainment & Value!
State / County: British Columbia
Country: Canada

We attended the Celtic Steps show at the suggestion of our tour guide and it was money well worth spending. It's a lively show with an incredibly talented cast. Watching 7 time world dance champion, Sean Downes, dance was just amazing. His feet fly so fast they are a blur. The evening is time well spent and the show combines dance, singing and music in a way that just flows along until it is over, far too soon. Very personable cast, they took the time to have photos taken with the audience and sign autographs and one of the dancers came aboard our bus as we were getting ready to leave to personally thank us for coming to the show - very classy move!

 by Kim M
A highlight of our trip to Ireland!
State / County: Virginia
Country: USA

Our whole group enjoyed Celtic Steps! From the 15-year-old to the 51-year-old,  a perfect way to get a fun dose of authentic Irish culture through music and dance on our first tour of Ireland. It is obvious that all the musicians and dancers love what they do and they make the audience feel included. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to see so much talent on one stage in one evening!

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