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Celtic Steps The Show, brings together the raw talent of popular Irish dance with the authenticity of traditional Irish music. The show aims to provide a magical evening for its guests, taking them on a journey through the nation’s colourful past and history to present day Ireland through the language of music, song and of course, dance.

It combines the talent of some of the country’s leading Irish Dancers with over 17 World Champion Dance Titles and some of Kerry’s finest Musicians to showcase the origins of Irish Music and Dance as well as the influences on the genre over the years.

Celtic Steps Show

Celtic Steps was launched by David Rea and Sean Murphy, performers, producers and friends, born through a shared ambition to bring the raw and natural talent of Irish Music, Song and Dance to the stage in one spellbinding production.

Having met at a young age touring together in Comhaltas, (at the time, Ireland’s largest tour company) they went on to become involved in other projects and businesses, however, music and dance always sought a way to bring them back to the fold and in the Summer of 2012, the pair began their Celtic Steps journey together and remain Co-Directors and performers in the show.

"Be prepared to be blown away, one of the best things I did whilst visiting Ireland"

"The A capella is Spine-tingling, True Masters of Irish Dance!"

"The best part of our holiday, we fell in love with Irish Dance, a night we will never forget"

"A trip to Ireland is not complete without going to this show- 5 stars all the way!"

"The Singer has the Voice of an Angel, I was enthralled the whole way through"