Sneak Peek- Highlights From Our Brand New DVD

Last week marked the launch of our brand new DVD just in time for the festive period and we are very excited to share it with you all. We recorded the special edition of our live Show during the Summer of 2017, which has culminated in a 90 minute Song & Dance Spectacular.

Here we give you just a little taster of what you can look forward to from our brand new DVD.

This edition features a variety of much-loved Irish and Celtic Steps classics like Raglan Road as well as some new songs in the Irish language, sung of course by our very own ‘Voice of an Angel’, Roísín Ryan.

Here is a short clip of one of our favourite songs which features in the DVD- Follow the Heron, a beautiful song about the change of the harsh Winter into the beautiful Spring – something we are looking forward to ourselves!

As well as some fantastic songs, the DVD also features some of Celtic Steps’ best loved dance numbers such as the spine-tingling A capella, the lively Kerry Polka Set and one of everyone’s all time favorites, the traditional Irish Brush Dance all performed to perfection by the Show’s World Champion Irish Dancers.

Moving on to a softer number, the DVD presents the Celtic Steps Slip Jig, a dance which displays the beauty and grace of soft shoe Irish Dancing, which is another highlight of the show and indeed the new DVD. Graceful and poised, our six female dancers glide across the stage effortlessly in this delicate display of the craft.

Although the DVD explores many of the more traditional styles of Irish Dancing, (of course with our own little twist), we also love to delve into influences from all over the world.
One such number that showcases our curiosity for other genres is The Beat in which two of our World Champion Irish Dancers, Sean Downes and Connor Carlton highlight what happens when traditional Irish Dance meets modern day Tap Dance in a succession of smooth clicks performed to the backdrop of a smooth and classy blues beat. Oh yeah……

We hope you have enjoyed watching some of the highlights of our new Celtic Steps DVD which is available now for purchase on our website so get the popcorn ready folks, sit back, relax and enjoy……

Pppsst don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment box below….. over and out!

The Crew at Celtic Steps The Show

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